Sx Bot

Sx Bot is a multi-purpose bot ready to boost your Discord server with twitch stream notifications, automated live roles, nitro booster tracking, reaction roles, games, fun commands, logs, utilities, and much more!

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Discord Twitch Stream Notification

🔔 Live Stream Alerts [docs]

  • Receive fast and customizable streamer notifications
  • Sx Bot will automatically post announcements in your Discord server whenever you go live on Twitch or Kick
  • Restrict notifications based on the game or keywords in the stream's title
  • Supports cooldowns, embeds, title & game filters, and variables!
Discord streamer Live Role

🔴 Automated Live Role [docs]

  • Easily know when members in your server go live
  • Promote streamers with an automated live role
  • Sx Live can automatically add a special role to people when they start streaming, and take it away when they stop
  • Configure a custom whitelist to filter specific members
Discord Boost Tracking

🚀 Nitro Boost Tracking [docs]

  • Send customizable messages to your server when someone boosts
  • Supports embeds, variables, and images
  • Keep logs of boosters and total boost counts
  • Track server boosters by the date of boost
  • Allow boosters to create and maintain their own personal roles
Discord Reaction Roles

➕ Reaction Roles [docs]

  • Allow members to receive roles by reacting to messages with emojis
  • Sx Bot can assign roles to users in your Discord Server
  • Logs to keep track of added and removed roles
  • Easy to setup
Discord Invite Tracking

🛡️ Invite Tracking [docs]

  • Track and manage invites in your Discord server
  • Get detailed stats like leaves, fakes, bonus's
  • Display all invites codes for a member
  • Can detect instant invites and vanity codes
  • Leaderboard to show top inviters
Discord Giveaways

🎉 Giveaways [docs]

  • Hold giveaways on your Discord server quickly and easily
  • Sx Bot will randomly pick the winner and announce it in your server
  • Attach image of prize to giveaway message
  • Lock giveaways to certain roles
  • Detailed list of active giveaways
  • Coming soon: Extra entries for whitelisted roles
Discord Log Reactions

📙 Advanced Logging [docs]

  • Reaction logs: Sx Bot is the only bot that will log reactions on messages
  • Members joining and leaving
  • Track the invites of members who join your server
  • Deleted images, attachments, and more
  • Message events: Deleted messages, edited messages
Discord Welcome Message

👋 Welcome Messages [docs]

  • Greet new members with customizable welcome messages
  • Supports embeds, variables, and images
  • Automatically give a role to new members upon joining
Discord Social

🥳 Social & Fun [docs]

  • Hug, kiss, feed, slap, pat, cuddle other users
  • Dad jokes, random facts, cat facts
  • Retrieve the last deleted message with snipe
  • 8-ball, connect 4, slots, urban dictionary
  • Generate a peepoLove image from a users avatar
  • Get random messages from a user in the chat
Discord Emoji Stealer

🛠️ Utilities [docs]

  • Steal/Copy emojis from another Discord server, 7TV, or BetterTTV
  • Sx Bot can add and upload 7TV emotes/emojis directly your Discord server
  • Lock/Unlock a text channel to prevent raids
  • Search for your favorite things on Google
  • Purge/Delete unwanted messages
  • Get latest weather data in your area
  • Get a special role when listening to Spotify

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